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And now it’s August.

Wow. Where has the time gone? I swear it was only yesterday I was posting about construction and moving. Well, I have moved and the construction has moved inside my house.

It has been a busy, busy month. Things have turned out a little differently than I had expected and I am more tired than I have ever been in my entire life, my knitting and sewing pursuits have definitely suffered, but I have become a master of demolition. This is one girl who can swing a wrecking bar like nobody’s business.


This where I spend all of my free time. When the realtor’s posting said that it needed “a little tlc,” what they meant is, “this needs a whole lot of everything.” The man who lived here before us had, an interesting approach to home maintenance and a staggeringly low standard of cleanliness. And he was a chainsmoker. A chainsmoker that never opened the windows. Ever.  I’ll spare you the nasty particulars (because they are nasty and it makes me really angry to think about it), but it took my mom and I 3 1/2 4 litre jugs of bleach to cut through the smell. It was intense. Since we took possession though, a lot has changed.  We have our ups and downs and moments of incredible doubt, but we just keep going. I secretly hope, every time we pull up, that someone has broken in and done the work for us, but so far no luck.

So here for your viewing pleasure are a few before shots (please don’t judge me, I didn’t make it this way):





And here’s what the place looks liek now, after almost a month of hard work:




I wish I could show you all the work we did – the 4 full dumpsters, the smashing down of plaster and lath walls and ceilings, the removal of the electrical, heating and plumbing systems (definitely use the loo before you visit), and the the removal of all the junk left behind. It has been hard, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and building in general. My favourite part has been reclaiming the yard. When I need to escape, into  the  backyard I go. My mom and I have been scouring the garden centres for plants (hurray for clearance!) and have added  roses, lilacs, phlox, lilies, herbs and shrubs to brighten up the place. My new neighbors have been peeking over the fence (and into our windows) to check out the progress we’ve made. I’ve wanted a garden for a long time an dam really happy I finally get to indulge my green thumb. There was a happy surprise in the garden – 14 tomato plants. I’m not sure that they’ll do much this season, but it was a nice discovery anyway.

And there has been a little knitting. The progress has been slow, but I ‘m almost finsihed a  pair of leafy lace  socks and have plans for a shawl – although that  might get delayed for another pair of socks. The lovely Ezmy sent me a fabulous ball of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn and it’s begging to be made into some socks. I’m thinking toe-up, just so I can use every last inch. 

Whiel the knitting has taken a backseat to the house,  I think about it everyday and am trying to make more of an effort to get some done. And post. Now that we’re beginning to find our rythym, I’ll be able to get back into regular posting. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer – some one please get out to the beach and splash around for me!



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