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So, it’s been a while. A long while, but here I am. With knitting. I know, it’s hard to believe, but I do actually have some knitting to share ( along with more house updates! It’s consuming my entire life, so bear with me).

Now, I don’t really seem to have a lot of “down time,” unless you count sleeping and I don’t do a lot of that, but I have  found some time during the day to  knit. Because of the car/work/living situation, I get dropped off to work early every morning. By early, I mean 3 hours early. What’s a girl to do with all that waiting around to do? Knit of course. Knit some lace.

I know that one should knit lace when one is rested, in good light and able to concentrate. Well, if I waited for those ideal circumstances I’d never get any lace knit up. Instead, I charge ahead, fortified by a cup of drive-thru tea, knitting away. The results? Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.


This is the Fountain Pen Shawl from Interweave Knits Spring 2009.  I liked the geometric quality of the design – I find those easy to follow, which was a requirement for me this time around as I wasn’t going to be knitting while on top of my game. The pattern is clearly written and  the charts are easy to follow. More importantly, I didn’t encounter any errata, which is not something I can always say. I’d definitely recommend this one to a relatively new lace knitter. The only potentially tricky parts might be the nupps. Personally, I love nupps – they’re a really neat, textural element that isn’t particularly difficult to achieve. But it’s all a matter of personal preference.


This is my clumsy homage to Jane Sowerby and Victorian Lace Today. Sometimes lace just needs to pose on a rustic bench. Not just lace, but alpaca lace. This was my first go with KnitPicks’ Alpaca Cloud. I’ve been curious about KnitPicks’ products for a while and was having a bad day so I decided to order some to make myself feel better. Besides, I like getting mail, even if  it’s something I’ve ordered. For it’s price point, it’s pretty good. It’s got good yardage for the cost and the colour is nice – I went with a heathered blue in Stream. Like any alpaca, it’s sheddy and reminded me of a finer weight version of my beloved Drops Alpaca, but not quite as soft. It blocks out nicely and does get that great fuzzy alpaca halo. All in all, it’s . . . okay. I’ll use it again (I bought 4 skeins and only used 2) and would probably order it again as I like the other colours. I think I prefer Misti International’s alpaca lace weight for softness (at least the 4 skeins I have marinating in my stash are ridiculously soft).


Now I have to decide what to do with it. Do I keep it for me? Gift it? Hold a blog contest? Decisions, decisions.

On the house front, progress is being made, slowly, but steadily. We’ve finally finished demolition (hurrah! 20 tonnes later), and we’ve started framing in new walls, changing the stairs and replacing rotten floors. I say we, but really, the Man’s been doing it all with the help of his dad and a good friend’s father.


That’ s my Man in action. I have to say, he gets a phenomenal amount of work done. He’ s becoming a little more comfortable in the forman role, giving orders and directions to the guys. I think he might have finally realized that he can’t do everything himself.  I’m not so useful at this point, as I have no framing experience and the table saw scares me, so I tend to work in the yard quite a bit and fetch lunches. I do have to repair the latice work skirting the deck and I’ve been working on an outdoor project of my own. It requires power tools and digging a deep hole. If it turns out, I’ll post pictures of it, if not, pretend I didn’t mention it.

Last post I mentioned the tomato plants I found amongst the weeds and I remember writing that I didn’t expect much of them. Well, they must have heard  me. They’ve risen to the occasion and shown me wrong.


I’ve got tomatoes galore! Not just tiny ones either, but bigguns. I’ll be up to my ears in tomatoes once they start to ripen and I couldn’t be happier. As I wait for them to ripen, I think I’ll start another project. It’s starting to get chilly , maybe I need socks. Or a sweater. Or both. Hmmmmm.


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